"Fairholme" stands on the corner of Broughton and Market Streets Singleton. The land on which it stands was originally granted to Benjamin Singleton in appreciation for his part in the discovery of the Central Hunter Region in 1820, but early in 1842 Thomas Burdekin, a Sydney hardware merchant and moneylender foreclosed on Benjamin Singleton's estate, after breaking his word to renew a loan of 2,100 pounds and most of the vacant land in Singletons's grant, consisting of over 1000 allotments of building blocks in the town area became legally owned by Burdekin.
The "Fairholme" site was eventually sold by Burdekin's widow to Albert John Gould, a Singleton solicitor, on September 25, 1877, and in mid 1878, a start was made on the building of a home for Albert Gould.
On June 5th, 1911, Sir Albert Gould sold "Fairholme" to Mr John Searle, who was manager of the Singleton Central Co-operative Dairy Co Ltd, and four years later, on June 1,1915, Mr Searle sold the property to Mrs Lillie May Maffey, the wife of Dr R W H Maffey.

As the cost of meeting the new medical and equipment standard required under the new standard was too high, all the local maternity homes closed and the costly renovations required for "Fairholme" Private Hospital also threatened the closing of this institution.
The prospect of having no maternity facilities in the town brought a wave of protests from the townspeople and organisations, and pressure was put on the government to take over "Fairholme" and run it as a maternity section of the Dangar Cottage Hospital and this was done.
On June 1st, 1947. "Fairholme" came under the control of the local hospital board or directors, as the maternity section of the Dangar Cottage Hospital, the name by which the hospital was known before it was changed to Singleton District Hospital in 1956.
On August 2nd, 1961 following the building of a new maternity section at Singleton District Hospital, the patients and babies in "Fairholme" were removed to the new section.
From August 21st, until recently "Fairholme was again a private residence, but now after several renovations it is again providing medical services to Singleton and surrounding areas as a "General Practice Surgery".

On August 2nd, 1915, "Fairholme was opened as a private hospital and was the principal maternity hospital in the town for many years.
It commenced under the direction of Drs Bowman, Maffey & Parry.
It continued in this way until the building was sold to Mr Claude Lambert, on April 12th, 1943, when the hospital came under the control of the various successive matrons as a private enterprise project. In the early part of 1947, new government regulations required maternity homes to be brought up to the standard of state hospitals. Up to this time Singleton had several nursing homes for maternity cases run by nurses in their private homes as the Singleton hospital had no maternity section.